Drinking-water Treatment

Potable water treatment is a central subject in water treatment.

We contribute in the subsequent treatment steps to improving potable water quality.


Very hard water is often problematical as at over 60° C scaling may occur. Softening water is hence essential to efficient operation of water heating systems. Softening descales and removes hardness with hydrated lime.

We offer innovative hydrated lime and lime slaking plant for this reason.


Neutralisation binding acids adjusts potable water pH to a neutral value. Acidic water is treated thus to make it potable.

Our hydrated lime and lime slaking plant ensure your potable water is of optimum quality.


Very soft water with little calcium or magnesium causes increased corrosion in piping due to its high pH value. Hardening may often be needed to keep water within the pH tolerance limits applicable in potable water generation. Carbonic acid gas or lime milk is added to very soft water in order to do so

We guarantee water hardening to potable water standards. Read more about our hydrated lime and lime slaking plant.

Powdered Activated Carbon Treatment

This treatment is used to separate out medical and other residue during wastewater treatment as its surface characteristics are ideal for this purpose. Powdered activated carbon is used to adsorb algae and humic, colouring and dyestuffs residue to make surface water potable.

Reliable potable water treatment using a SCHAUB powdered activated carbon plant.