Drinking water treatment.

Solutions for drinking water management and water treatment

We come into play when water needs to be clear: 
In 50 years, our team has realised hundreds of lime plants for wastewater treatment. We have implemented plants both in municipal sewage treatment plants and for water treatment in municipal utilities and waterworks. This has enabled us to develop into true experts in the field.

Lime is used in the drinking water sector:

  • For neutralisation / pH value increase 
  • Hardening
  • Softening 

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Activated carbon is used in the drinking water sector:

  • Removal of humic substances, algae in the production of drinking water from surface waters (lakes, reservoirs, rivers)
  • Removal of hydrocarbons (oil, petrol, etc.) in the extraction of drinking water from surface waters with boat traffic (emergency plant for shipping accidents, etc.)

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Drinking water treatment: We ensure clear water

The purification and treatment of drinking water and chemical water treatment is a key issue in water treatment.
In this way, we help to improve the quality of drinking water:



By binding acids, the pH value of the drinking water is adjusted to a neutral value. In this way, acidic water is treated and reaches drinking water quality.

Our lime hydrate plants and lime slaking plants ensure optimum drinking water quality.


Very soft water, which contains little calcium and magnesium, increasingly causes corrosion in pipework. The reason for this is their high pH value. In order to comply with the specified pH value tolerance for drinking water treatment, hardening is necessary. To achieve this, the soft water is gassed with carbon dioxide or hardened by dosing milk of lime.

We guarantee that the water is hardened in accordance with all drinking water treatment specifications. This is ensured by our lime hydrate plants and lime slaking plants.


Very hard water is often problematic, as limescale starts to precipitate at 60°C and above. In order to be able to operate hot water systems efficiently, it is necessary to soften the drinking water. In the course of softening, lime is used to precipitate and remove hardness formers.

We realise innovative lime slaking plants and lime slaking systems for this purpose.


Powdered activated carbon has a particularly high specific surface area. In the production of drinking water from surface water, powdered activated carbon is used to adsorb algae, colourants and humic substances.

Example references for public clients

Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung, Langenau, DE

The Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung Baden-Württemberg operates two waterworks in Langenau and Dischingen. […] SCHAUB successfully modernised both systems and converted them to the gravimetric container slaking process.

- Dr. Schneck, Langenau

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Component of a lime slaking plant

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