Flue gas cleaning.

Solutions for the energy industry: Sorbents for flue gas cleaning plants and for water treatment

In waste incineration plants, coal-fired power stations and also in nuclear power stations, various sorbents are required for flue gas cleaning and/or water treatment. Lime products (as dry hydrated lime or milk of lime) play an important role in both fields of application.

Modernisation requirements for existing flue gas cleaning plants

The ravages of time are slowly taking their toll: In Germany and Western Europe, most flue gas desulphurisation plants were built over 20 years ago. The lime plants used there are now reaching a critical age at which refurbishment is not only necessary for safety reasons, but often also for economic reasons. Flue gas cleaning for waste incineration plants is a growing market. Our team has built many of these plants. This makes us the best partner for such - often complicated - modernisation projects.

Use of powdered activated carbon in the reduction of mercury emissions

Mercury emissions are currently at the centre of attention in both waste incineration plants and coal-fired power plants. They are seen as a global problem. Starting in the USA, the limit values are now also to be reduced in Germany and Europe, with the result that numerous power plants will have to expand their flue gas cleaning systems accordingly. Specially prepared powdered activated carbon products play an important role here. We develop customised solutions for the necessary storage, dosing and conveying systems.

Sorbents in flue gas cleaning

  • Quicklime (CaO) as a starting product for lime slaking plants or hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2) as a starting product for hydrated lime plants for wet flue gas scrubbing

  • Quicklime (CaO) as a starting product for dry lime slakers for dry flue gas scrubbing

  • Powdered activated carbon for PAC dosing systems for mercury elimination during flue gas scrubbing

Our services in the field of flue gas cleaning

If you would like to find out more about dry lime hydrators, lime hydrate systems and lime slaking plants, you can find out more here:

Example references for the energy industry

HZI Dubai

Hitachi Zosen Inova is an internationally active manufacturer of waste-to-energy (WtE) power plants. HZI is currently building the world's largest waste incineration plant for the city of Dubai. The hydrated lime required for flue gas cleaning is produced from quicklime in two of our dry lime hydrators.

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