Industrial applications.

Solutions for industry: For the treatment and neutralisation of process water

Do you need solutions for the neutralisation of acidic wastewater or industrial wastewater in industry, flue gas cleaning plants for the industrial sector? Or do you have a plant that needs refurbishment?

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Industrial customers and customers in the chemical industry and other branches of industry require plants for the treatment of process water or other industrial wastewater, for the purification of wastewater and waste gases and/or for production processes. Once procured and regularly maintained, such plants are in operation for decades. When the existing plant is due for refurbishment or complete renewal, the necessary expertise is usually not available in-house. If such projects then have to be carried out in complicated installation situations, during ongoing operation or in very short time frames, it is important to have an experienced partner for the realisation of the project.

In 50 years, our team has successfully realised numerous such projects. Most of the plants installed are still in operation today. Many of them are now over 20 years old and have reached an age at which modernisation measures are sensible or even necessary from an economic or safety point of view.

We will be happy to advise you on plant construction, modernisation and refurbishment.

The technologies we use

Whether quicklime or hydrated lime - we are familiar with both sorbents and will work with you to find the best solution for your application.

Industrial applications

Lime products often play an important role in industrial processes. For example, industrial, acidic wastewater often has to be neutralised before it can be discharged into the public sewage system or receiving waters. The most economical way to do this is with lime.

We support the production process with our lime plants in the following insudtrial sectors

  • Paper industry - incorporation of lime into the paper matrix
  • Chemical industry - colour pigments, soaps, adhesives, paints, plasticisers
  • Pharmaceutical industry - toothpaste, cosmetics,
  • Food industry - sugar production, production of citric acid
  • Glass industry - hardening agent for glass production

In energy production, lime is used in the following areas:

  • in flue gas cleaning - binding of acidic components in flue gas
  • in the cooling circuit - softening of cooling tower make-up water
  • in process water treatment for the evaporator circuit - preliminary stage for demineralisation

Our services in the field of industrial applications

  •  Both new installations and modernisation of existing plants
  •  Several projects in industrial parks  

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KRONOS TITAN GmbH, Leverkusen, DE

New construction of a lime slaking plant for waste water treatment for KRONOS Leverkusen, the world's largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide pigments.

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Component of a lime slaking system

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