Flue Gas Cleaning

This removes pollutants from flue gas to cut the environmental effects of emissions. Coal fired power stations, waste incineration plants and industry generally must clean their flue gas using suitable methods before it can escape into the atmosphere. 

Our SCHAUB lime plants
- removal of acid substances from flue gas

We use the processes below to scrub flue gas and remove acid substances from it such as hydrogen fluoride (HF), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen chloride (HCl):

Conditioned dry flue gas scrubbing plant

  • dry lime slaking plant 

Dry sorption process

  • dry lime slaking plant 

Wet washing process

  • hydrated lime plant
  • lime slaking plant 

Our SCHAUB Activated Carbon Plants
- remove of dioxins, furans and heavy metals

We also use powdered activated carbon to remove dioxins, furans and especially heavy metals. Removing mercury from flue gas is currently a major concern the world over. We offer plant for storing and dosing powdered activated carbon including pneumatic conveying and insufflation.