Industrial Uses

Lime products often play an important role in industrial processes. Industrial acid wastewater frequently needs neutralising before it can be fed into the public drains, for example. Lime is the most economical solution here.

We supplement the production process with our lime plant in the following industries:

  • Paper industry - absorption of lime in the paper matrix
  • Chemical industry - colour pigments, soaps, adhesives, paints, softeners
  • Pharmaceutical industry - toothpaste, cosmetics
  • Foodstuffs industry - sugar and citric acid production
  • Glass industry -  hardeners for glass production

In energy production, lime is used in the following areas:

  • flue gas cleaning – binding of acidic components in flue gas
  • cooling circuit - softening cooling tower makeup water
  • process water treatment for the vaporiser circuit - prior to complete desalination