Our mission statement

We combine our methodological expertise with the experience we have gained from hundreds of projects.

That is how we developed into recognised experts for lime and powdered activated carbon plants. It is what gives our customers the confidence they need to make their decisions.

Acquisition decision-making processes in the area of municipal and industrial plant engineering can be extremely complex. They concern large investments involving long-term consequences.

That is why one of the main goals of the decision-maker is the minimisation of risk. The best way to achieve this is by collaborating with proven experts. Through our work on numerous lime and powdered activated carbon plants, we have learned an enormous amount. We know where the critical points lie and understand exactly what works. Small details often have a decisive influence on profitability and effectiveness – and we know them and have them under control!

SCHAUB Umwelttechnik stands for:

A systematic focus on the customer

We understand your needs, develop ideal solutions for them and manage the project to your complete satisfaction.

The ideal technological solution

We know what really matters, so we achieve an optimum balance between proven solutions and innovations.

Excellent product quality

We develop coherently-designed plants with a thorough consideration of even minute details, and use high-quality component systems.

Reliability and system-responsibility

We work competently, communicate clearly, and abide by agreements.

Excellent service

We look after you in person, promptly, and focus on finding solutions.

Michael Schaub | Managing director