Lime plant for Processing Quicklime and Hydrated Lime

Water and air are basic modules of life and need special treatment in potable water processing, wastewater cleaning and flue gas scrubbing. We’re experts in handling lime in various forms as a major additive. We can, for example, advise on the use of lime to correct the pH value of water or bind pollutants in flue gas. An overview of the uses of our plant in various processing methods is given here

Lime Milk Preparation Plant

The lime milk preparation plant is a system for producing lime milk from hydrated lime (Ca(OH)2) and water. Our plant can be designed to operate by the batch or continuously. 

The hydrated lime is conveyed from the silo in a combination of rotary feeder and screw conveyor to the lime milk preparation and storage tank/s and there mixed with water and turned into lime milk using constant stirring. Water and hydrated lime powder dosing units are used to ensure the desired concentration of the lime milk suspension.

Plant design

Our lime milk preparation plants are used for lime consumption quantities of about 100 to 800 t/a. For larger amounts use of one of our lime slaking plants {Link/Sprunganker auf Kalklöschanlagen} on the basis of quicklime CaO is recommended. The ratio of hydrated lime to water can be set either volumetrically or gravimetrically.

Volumetric Dosing

In volumetric dosing the ratio of hydrated lime to water is controlled by the rotary feeder RPM and current throughflow of water used for this preparation.



Gravimetric Dosing

In gravimetric dosing the amount of water and then of hydrated lime is fed into the preparation tank by weight as needed for a new mixture. This is done by the batch in our plant. The lime milk thus produced in precise concentration is then drained into a storage tank from which lime milk fit for use is constantly taken. The benefit of using our plant with gravimetric dosing is the precise dosing and constant easily adjustable lime milk concentration.

We design your hydrated lime plant individually applying the following criteria:

  • Hydrated lime consumption 
  • Hydrated lime storage duration 
  • Lime milk concentration
  • Dosing precision 
  • Lime milk storage duration
  • Lime milk buffer volume
  • The client's redundancy specifications


Hydrated Lime Plant


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