Soda Plant for Processing Sodium Carbonate

Soda has been used for a long time and remains widely popular in diverse industrial branches, from the cleaning via the chemical to the glass production industries. We have a great deal of knowledge and skill in processing sodium carbonate and know the versatile applications.

soda processing plant

Our soda processing plant is a system for producing soda solution from sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and water. We can design the plant to operate by the batch or continuously as your needs dictate.


Our plant convey the sodium carbonate using a combination of rotary feeder and screw conveyor from the silo to the processing tank. There the soda is mixed with water and constantly stirred to make the required soda solution. Our soda plant’s water and powdered soda dosing units precisely meet your desired concentration/s.

Plant design

The ratio of soda to water can be set either volumetrically or gravimetrically.

Volumetric Dosing

In volumetric dosing the ratio of soda to water is controlled by the rotary feeder RPM and current throughflow of water used for this preparation.  



Gravimetric Dosing

In gravimetric dosing, the amount of water and then of soda is fed into the preparation tank by weight as needed for a new mixture. This is done by the batch. The soda thus produced in precise concentration is then drained into a storage tank from which soda solution fit for use is constantly taken. The benefit of using our plant with gravimetric dosing is the precise dosing and constant easily adjustable soda solution.

We design your soda processing plant individually applying the following criteria:

  • Soda consumption
  • Sodium carbonate storage duration
  • Soda solution concentration
  • Dosing precision 
  • Soda solution storage duration
  • Soda solution buffer volume
  • The client's redundancy specifications