Waste water treatment plant Büdenholz, DE

SCHAUB Umwelttechnik has implemented the construction of a lime milk preparation plant on the site of the waste water treatment plant in Büdenholz in...

Distant water supply Torgau-Ost, DE

In order to enable the company Fernwasserversorgung Elbaue-Ostharz to work more efficently SCHAUB has built a new lime dosing system for them.

Power station Timisoara, RO

New construction of a dry lime slaking plant for the flue gas cleaning of a coal-fired power station.

Waste water treatment plant Reichenbach, DE

The waste water treatment plant in Denkendorf has been moved to Reichenbach and has been adapted by SCHAUB to the local conditions.

Waste-to-energy plant Zorbau, DE

From now on the waste-to-energy plant in Zorbau will use a lime hydration plant from SCHAUB as an economical alternative.

Waste water treatment plant Ulmen, DE

New construction of a space-saving hydrated lime plant with pre-dosage device and lime milk batching tank for the waste water treatment plant in...

AGR Group, Herten, DE

For the waste disposal company Ruhrgebiet (AGR Group), Schaub has developed a lime extinguishing container with wet separator as an additional...