Engineering - the perfect solutions when things get particularly dificult

Some projects are particularly complex:

  • For example, if an existing plant is to be renewed
  •  When ongoing operations must not be affected 
  •  When the solution is not immediately obvious

In such cases, it makes sense to first develop the optimum solution through an engineering project. This way, you benefit from the experience of our specialists and are free to choose your supplier when it comes to procuring the plant later on.

Engineering-Projects undergo several phases - Individually tailored to their specific situation

Phase 1: Analysis phase

We work with you to identify the project objectives and define the requirements. We take a detailed look at the current situation, record consumption quantities, operating and maintenance costs and draw up a survey. The results are summarised in a specification sheet.

Phase 2: Basic Engineering

System concepts are developed and discussed on the basis of the analysis results. After a preselection, 1 to 2 concepts are then concretised. Process diagrams and installation plans are drawn up as part of basic engineering. We also compile a lot of additional information such as load data for foundation plans or the electrical consumers.

You will receive binding offers from us for the realisation of the concepts. By comparing them with the actual situation, you can determine the savings potential. This gives you the basis for your investment calculation.

Phase 3: Realision roadmap

When realising a project, your operational requirements must be taken into account first and foremost. For example, we determine the time frame in which the measures must take place or whether lime or powdered activated carbon must continue to be available during installation.

Phase 4: Documentation

You will receive all results and documents neatly summarised in the project documentation. We will also provide you with a binding offer for the realisation of your project. 

We are here for you.

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