Restoration and 

Refirbishment and modernisation of plants: Get Tailor-Made modernisation concepts from the experts

Is your plant getting a bit long in the tooth? The cost of maintenance often rises sharply, especially when it has exceeded the critical age of 15 years. This costs money and is detrimental to economic operations management, as aspects such as plant and process reliability must continue to be ensured.

But where to start? Our experts will work with you to analyse your needs and create a customised refurbishment concept on this basis.

Modernisation need: When old plants need modernisation neagtive consequences threaten

The majority of lime plants in operation today have reached a critical age at which problems can accumulate, even with solid components:

  • Current occupational safety requirements have not been taken into account in the design of the plants.
  • Process stability no longer fulfils today's requirements.
  • The time and financial outlay for repair and maintenance increases significantly.
  • The system availability decreases accordingly.
  • Spare parts are often difficult to obtain due to their age.

We will be happy to help you here - and show you what refurbishment options are available for your plant. Of course, we will also be happy to show you what optimisation potential lies in your plant.

When refurbishing and modernising your plant, we always pay attention to:

  • Process safety
  • Occupational safety
  • Plant availability
  • Cost efficiency

Our scope of services in the areas or refurbishing, mondernisation & optimisation comprises:

Exhaust vapour extraction and cleaning

The use of modern exhaust vapour extraction systems prevents the uncontrolled escape of hot and highly hazardous vapours. A positive side effect is that contamination of the plant is also reduced.

Safe silo filling

Overfilling of the silo is prevented by the use of overfill protection systems depending on the silo fill level and/or injection pressure.

Dust-free silo filling

Modern dedusting technology significantly reduces the residual dust content during silo filling. This prevents etching lime dust or activated carbon from jeopardising the health of employees. Contamination of the plant and the environment is minimised.

Optimisation of suspension lines

The targeted selection of pumps, suitable dosing devices, shut-off devices and pipe materials reduces caking and signs of wear in the pipe systems. This reduces maintenance costs and increases system availability.

Optimised bulk material discharge

The material flow from the silo can be significantly improved by retrofitting mechanical silo discharge aids and/or improved air loosening systems (fluidisation systems). This is first and foremost the prerequisite for downstream dosing devices. In addition, the handling of the plant is significantly improved.

Constant suspension concentration

By converting to gravimetric dosing systems and modern measurement and control technology, constant and reproducible concentrations can be set. This is essential for stable processes. In many cases, consumption can be significantly reduced and fluctuations in the material flow of sorbent and water can be compensated for.

Process stability in milk of lime dosing

By adapting the process control and using suitable flow meters, precise dosing in proportion to quantity or pH-dependent dosing is possible.

Targeted use of lime in the post-conditioning of dewatered sludge

By converting to modern dosing and weighing systems, the amount of lime can be precisely adjusted. This makes the quality of the conditioned sludge reproducible. In many cases, lime consumption is also reduced at the same time.

Replacement of Wallace & Tiernan paste slakers

Wallace & Tiernan milk of lime paste slakers have not been serviced for several years. We have supported many operators in converting to modern extinguishing methods.

Does your plant need refurbishment or optimasation measures?

Our Experts will be happy to analyse your need with you and create a customised refurbishment concept on this basis.