Our service with spare parts provision - Individual support even after your system has been taken into operation

Your system is running - but you need spare parts or would like to entrust its maintenance to experts?

We have expertise from decades of experience, have realised hundreds of systems and therefore know exactly what process engineering systems need in terms of maintenance. And this is becoming increasingly relevant, as the requirements in this area have risen considerably in recent years.

We are at your side and support you in all matters relating to your plant. For example, together we will look at the following aspects:

  • How can plant safety (in compliance with legal regulations) be guaranteed?
  • How can maximum system availability be ensured?
  • How can the service life of the system be maximised?
  • How can plant safety and availability be guaranteed while minimising maintenance costs 

Our customised services are designed to support you in solving these tasks. Whether you are interested in a customised service concept or a system needs to be repaired spontaneously: We are always the right contact when it comes to the maintenance of lime and powdered activated carbon plants. Our service is personal, prompt and solution-orientated.

Our comperehensive service - our scope of services includes:


The general condition of the system is assessed. All safety-relevant parts are checked for leaks and functionality. Following the inspection, you will receive an assessment of the system's condition. We will also recommend which maintenance work and repairs should be carried out. In addition, we identify optimisation potential. We will be happy to provide you with a suitable quotation.


Defects identified during an inspection are rectified. Wearing parts are replaced. Oil and grease are checked at the relevant points and topped up or replaced if necessary. Containers and agitators are inspected internally for caking and wear.


Our employees know what optimisation potential older lime plants in particular have. We will be happy to draw up a suitable concept for your system.


If individual components fail, we react quickly. We repair or procure the appropriate spare parts.


Our experts will train your operating personnel during the commissioning of a new system. We will also be happy to assist you later if required.
Our experts will be happy to analyse your needs with you and create a customised training concept on this basis.

Spare parts supply

We offer the right spare and wear parts for your system: from standard parts to customised individual parts.

Do you need comprehensive support in the form of services and spare parts supply?

Our experts will be happy to analyze your needs with you and create a tailor-made service concept on this basis.