Energy Industry
Sorbents for cleaning of flue gases and for water treatment

In waste incineration plants, coal fired power stations and nuclear power stations, various sorbents are needed to scrub flue gas and/or treat waste water. Lime products play a major role here (as dry hydrated lime or lime milk).


Need for Modernisation
of Flue Gas Desulphuring Plant

In Germany and Western Europe, most flue gas desulphuring plants are over 20 years old. The lime plants used are now at a critical age at which modernisation is advisable for safety engineering as well as economic reasons. We’ve designed a number of such plants, making us your best partner for such projects, which are often complex.

Use of Powdered Activated Carbon
To Reduce Mercury Emission

Mercury emissions are currently of major concern in both waste incineration plants and coal fired power stations. They’re considered a global problem. In both Germany and Europe limiting values are to be reduced on the US model. This means a lot of power stations will have to upgrade their flue gas scrubbing systems. Specially processed activated carbon products have an important role to play here. We’ve developed tailored storage, dosing and conveying plant for this purpose.

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