Activated carbon plants.  

Systems for storage and dosing of activated carbon for wastewater treatment and water purification

Activated carbon is primarily used in waste water purification and drinking water treatment. We support you with a customised concept for storage and dosing systems.

Established process: PAC (continuous dosing of powdered activated carbon into a contact basin)

New process: µGAC (generation of a fluidised bed of µGAC and water in a reactor + regular feeding of µGAC into the reactor)

Storage and dosing plants for activated carbon

Activated carbon is increasingly used in wastewater treatment for the elimination/reduction of anthropogenic trace substances.
Reliable and gram-accurate dosing is essential to ensure safe and economical operation of the plant. When it comes to adsorption processes, more and more operators are turning to powdered activated carbon (PAC plant) and micro-granulated activated carbon (µGAC). We have the technology for the safe handling of both types.

In addition, activated carbon is also used in the drinking water sector when extracting surface water for the elimination/reduction of undesirable substances in raw water, such as algae, colourants, etc.
Another area of application is the introduction of activated carbon into the flue gas stream from power stations or waste incineration plants. Dioxins, furans and in particular heavy metals are separated. The removal of mercury from flue gas is one of the most important issues in global environmental policy.

We are experts in the manufacture of powdered activated carbon storage and dosing systems and can support you with a system concept customised to your specific application.

Powdered activated carbon dosing plant

Our powdered activated carbon dosing plants deliver a precisely definable quantity of powdered activated carbon to the injection point. Thanks to a differential dosing scale, they enable maximum dosing accuracy with the smallest discharge quantities.

Dosing system for micro-granulated activated carbon (µGAK)

The use of micro-granulated activated carbon in a fluidised bed is a relatively new process for the elimination of trace substances. We supply the dosing systems for post-dosing µGAK. The focus here is on the precise dosing of larger quantities of activated carbon.

Plant design

Activated carbon has special properties that must be taken into account when designing or constructing the dosing system for activated carbon. For example, the adsorbent has a very abrasive effect, promotes corrosion and tends to adhere and compact. Furthermore, activated carbon is an explosive substance that falls under the ATEX directive.

We do not offer standard solutions

We attach great importance to customised design and design each system according to the specific requirements of our customers. Contact us for your personalised offer.