Dry lime hydrator.  

Hydration of quicklime with the dry lime hydrator

Our dry lime hydrator is a system with which white lime is slaked in a continuous process with the stoichiometrically required amount of water. This produces powdered hydrated lime.

Dry lime slaking process

The quicklime (CaO) is gravimetrically dosed into the pre-hydrator using the dosing unit. There, water (H2O) is added via a nozzle and mixed intensively with the quicklime. The main reaction of the quicklime with the added water takes place in the subsequent main-hydrator, resulting in dry hydrated lime with only a very low residual moisture content.

We customise your dry lime slaking system according to the following criteria:

  • Lime consumption
  • Variable exhaust vapour cleaning
  • Variable lime dosing
  • Adaptation of the installation to the conditions