Other sorbents.

Other sorbents

The storage and dosing of other sorbents is also possible with our plants e.g. MgO (magnesium oxide), clay materials (bentonite, zeolite, etc.) and soda.

Soda for processing plants for the production of a soda solution

Soda ash is used in many different ways for industrial purposes. We are happy to offer you customised processing concepts.

Soda ash plants for the preparation of sodium carbonate

Soda ash (sodium carbonate) has been used by humans for a long time and is still widely used today in a wide range of industries, from cleaning agents to the chemical industry and glass production. We have extensive expertise in the processing of soda ash and are familiar with its many different applications.

Soda preparation plant

The soda preparation plant is a system for producing soda solution from sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and water. We design our plants for batch or continuous operation according to your requirements.


The sodium carbonate is conveyed from the silo into the preparation tank using a combination of rotary valve and screw conveyor. There, the soda is mixed with water under constant stirring and processed into a soda solution. With dosing units for water and soda powder, our soda systems define the exact concentration of the soda solution.

We customise your soda preparation plant according to the following criteria:

  • Soda consumption
  • Storage time of sodium carbonate (Na2CO3)
  • Soda solution concentration
  • Dosing accuracy
  • Buffer volume of soda solution
  • Redundancy specification of the customer

Plant design

The ratio of soda to water can be set volumetrically or gravimetrically:

With volumetric dosing, our plant controls the ratio between soda and water using the speed of the rotary valve and the current flow rate of the preparation water.

With gravimetric dosing, the amount of water required for a new batch is first weighed into the batching tank, followed by soda. The batch is prepared in batches. The soda produced in this exact concentration is then drained into a storage tank from which the ready-to-use soda solution is continuously removed. The advantage of gravimetric dosing is the exact dosing accuracy and a constant, easily adjustable soda solution concentration.